Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the road walked...

I have always lived my life by the phrase of " life's to short to let it pass you up". I guess what that means to me is take every day and everything for whats its worth and what you have to work with. God gave you the life your living so don't just throw it way. If i could give any bit of advice to people it would be " don't ever look back on the road of life, you could lose your way." My whole life changed in an instant when i found out i was going to be a daddy at the age of 21.... yeah i was scared but i knew what i had to do. I will tell you this much i wouldn't trade it for the world. Then months later i meet the most amazing girl i ever known, her name is Kim. We briefly dated in middle school but it didn't work out. But again everything happens for a reason and we were brought together again. Again god has a plan and it works in strange ways. Onward in my life the relationship was going great and i had to take the next step and marry her. So on July18, 2008 i asked Kim to marry me. The night was amazing i first started by picking out the best ring i could have made. finally the ring arrived 2 days before i was going to propose... and yes i did come back wrong so i had the ring rushed out and custom made and arrived back the day before i was going to propose. So the race was no from there the planning was insane, Hotel room, dinner, the small family congratulations party, and then racking my brain on the right words to say to the love of my life. Finally it all came together. I set up "marry me?" in candles in the hotel room. lighting them all was a challenge (they weren't all light but she got the idea). and if your wondering Kim did say yes.!! so fast forwarding to present day.... I have started a new job working for Ryko. I am a service tech, I love my job and the skills i am learning. We are working to planning the wedding. Kim and her awesome family have supported my decisions. I have always looked to the future never to the past. I feel that the future holds many great things for me and that's worth going for. so i will leave you with a thought to ponder... How has god changed your life... and look at the bigger picture!


RigsbyalmostScotti said...

that is the most amazing blog!!! you did good handsome!! love you so much! xoxo

shelby1232 said...

Well since you asked....God has a great plan for me. He has blessed me with a wonderful, caring, funny, sweet, kind, etc... husband. And two beautiful, spunky, loving, sweet sons. I could not ask for anything more. My life is complete. And now I am trying to keep things sane around this house full of men. Its a testosterone zone here!!!!
Great blog. cant wait for the next entry.
Love you